King of Kings Salmon Tournament is a highlight of the fishing season. Guests go for “King of the Day” or “King of Kings.” Prizes are awarded for the king catch of the day, the week, the month, and the season, and include tournament caps, fishing gear, return trips to Waterfall Resort, and cash prizes. 

Updated July 7th

KOD 07072024 Kaleb Bello_23.1 lbs_#10
July 7th - Kaleb Bello 23.1lbs
KOD 07062024 James Ludka_20.5 lbs_#16
July 6th - Jame Ludka 20.5lbs
KOD 07052024 Bob Hogan_27.2 lbs_#2
July 5th - Bob Hogan 27.2lbs
KOD 07042024 Horton_Riley Horton_22.2 lbs_#1
July 4th - Riley Horton 22.2 lbs
KOD 07032024 Patrick Horton 18.1lbs #1
July 3rd - Patrick Horton 18.1lbs
KOD 07022024 Scott Horton_23.1 lbs_#1
July 2nd - Scott Horton 23.1lbs 
KOD 07012024 Robert Konoske_37.9 lbs_#23
July 1st - Robert Konoski's  37.9lbs King Salmon
KOD 06302024 Bessire_Vernon Spencer_34.8 lbs_#7_1
June 30th - Spencer Vernon's 34.8lbs King Salmon
KOD 06292024 Ron Hall_32.3 lbs_#11
June 29th - Ron Hall's 32.3 lbs King Salmon
KOD 06282024 Ron Hall_24.8 lbs_#11
June 28th - Ron Hall's 24.8lbs King Salmon
KOD 06272024 John Morgan 23.2 lb #22
June 27th - John Morgan's 23.2lbs King Salmon
KOD 06262024 Eric Driggers_19.6 lbs_#9
June 26th - Eric Driggers 19.6lbs King Salmon
KOD 06252024 David Collmann_26.7 lbs_#12
June 25th - David Collmann's 26.7lbs King Salmon
KOD 06242024 Isla Dowst_36.9 lbs_#2
June 24th - Isla Dowst's 36.9lbs King Salmon
KOD 06232024 Jerry Castano_23.6 lbs_#28-1
June 23rd - Jerry Castano's 23.6lbs King Salmon
KOD 06222024 Frank Martinez_36.0 lbs_#7
June 22nd - Frank Martinez's 36lbs King Salmon
KOD 06212024 KOD Jim Buisman_29.1 lbs_#15
June 21st - Jim Buisman's 29.1lbs King Salmon
KOD 06202024 Nick Biasetti 25.7lb #17
June 20th - Nick Biasetti's 25.7lbs King Salmon
KOD 06192024 Neal Buisman_48.3lbs_#15
June 19th - Neal Buisman's 48.3lbs King Salmon

2024 King of the Day Leader  Board

Weekly winners of return trips are highlighted (Pending acceptance by guest)
Monthly winners listed in chart below this one

Place Date Name Weight Hometown
1st 6/19 Neal Busiman 48.3 Summit, NJ
2nd 7/1 Robert Konoske 37.9 College Grove, TN
3rd 6/24 Isla Dowst 36.9 Marlow, NH
4th 6/22 Frank Martinez 36 Tucson, AZ
5th 6/30 Spencer Vernon 34.8 Tustin, CA
6th 6/29 Ron Hall 32.8 San diego, CA
7th 6/10 Jeremiah Seely 32.3 Lehi, UT
8th 6/9 Morgan Webb 30.7 Bloomington, MN
9th 6/12 Jeremy Dutson 29.2 Midvale, UT
10th 6/21 Jim Buisman 29.1 Siletz, OR
11th 6/14 Luis Flores 28 Fremont, CA
12th 7/5 Bob Hogan 27.2 Oro Valley, AZ
13th 6/8 Dylan Eads  26.9 San Clemente, CA
14th 6/25 David Collmann 26.7 Austin, TX
15th 6/20 Nick Biasetti 25.7 San Diego, CA
16th 6/16 Jon Giilbert 25.6 Seattle, WA
17th 6/13 Brian Murkowski 25.3 Anchorage, AK
18th 6/28 Ron Hall 24.8 San Diego, CA
19th 6/18 Bob Mancini 24.3 Madison, CA
20th 6/23 Jerry Castano 23.6 Queen Creek, AZ
21st 6/27 John Morgan  23.2 Anacortes, WA
22nd 7/2 Scott Horton 23.1 Cumming, GA
23rd 7/7 Kaleb Bello 23.1 Kihei, HI
24th 6/7 Kevin Slosman 22.4 Carmel, IN
25th 7/4 Riley Horton 22.2 Cumming, GA
26th 6/17 Jim Risher 22  
27th 7/6 James Ludka 20.5 Torrance, CA
28th 6/6 Dennis Kiernan 20.1 Windsor, CA
29th 6/26 Eric Driggers 19.6 Bainbridge, WA
30th 6/11 James Lee 19.2 Santa Barbara, CA
31st 6/15 Mikol Millie 19.1 Milville, CA
32nd 7/3 Patrick Horton 18.1 Surprise, AZ
33rd 6/5 Aaron Richards 16.7 Flagstaff, AZ


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Offered exclusively for Waterfall Resort guests, this optional tournament must be entered before you board your boat (and catch the big one…). Tickets are valid season-long and available for prepurchase from reservations, 800-544-5125, or upon check-in at the General Store.



All King of the Day winners qualify for the Grand Prize Ford F-150!



The largest King Salmon of the season lands the angler a cash prize of $10,000!



Catch the largest Silver Salmon for July, or August and win a cash prize of $2,500!



The largest King Salmon caught each week wins a three-night fishing trip for one person at Waterfall Resort in 2023.


Land the largest King Salmon of the day and win a King of the Day hat. Every time you win this prize, you also earn an entry for the end-of-season Grand Prize drawing.



2023 Top 10 King of Day Winners
Place Date Name Pounds Hometown
1st 7/15 Dave Faccio 53.6 Tempe, AZ
2nd 7/21  Rod Riddle 45.5 Yuba City, CA
3rd 6/30 Dan Fink 40.5 Pleasant Hill, CA
4th 8/11 Ryan Anderson 39.1 Snoqualmie, WA
5th 6/21 Lance Ballew 35.8 Wenatchee, WA
6th 6/25 Robert Sencer 35.4 Magnolia, TX
7th 7/23 Mike Bolen 35.1 Newport Beach, CA
8th 7/19 Kaz Kanemura 33.8 Elk Grove, CA
9th 7/22 Chris DeHaven 33.8 Redondo Beach, CA
10th 7/27 Ashford Hastings 32.9 Austin, TX


2022 Winners listed by Month and Place
Place Date Name Pounds Hometown
$10K 7/20 Kaz Kanemura (1st - July)
52.2 Elk Grove, CA
Truck 6/16 Kim Bird
16.6 Meridian, ID
June 6/21 Tom Williams (1st - June) 44.1 Riverhead, NY
Aug 8/5 Rich DeFrank  (1st - Aug)
39.2 Huntington Beach, CA
June 6/30 Mary Kerr (2nd - June)
33.8 Woodridge, VA
July 7/2 Ara Goll (2nd - July) 46.2 Henderson, NV
Aug 8/1 Kyle Dylewski (2nd - Aug)
38.6 Costa Mesa, CA
June 6/19 Michael Cascella (3rd - June)
32.7 Cape Canaveral, FL
July 7/8 Nelson Wheeler (3rd - July)
45.7 Scottsdale, AZ
Aug 8/14 Alex Millie (3rd - Aug)
35.7 San Franciso, CA
June 6/24 Mike Baker (4th - June)
31 Twisp, WA
July 7/4 Lloyd Bolton (4th - July)
44.7 Featherville, ID
Aug 8/2 Chris Dieselman (4th - Aug)
31.2 Los Gatos, CA
June 6/26 Lance Leasure (5th - June)
30 Burien, WA
July 7/17 Mike Marshall (5th-July)
44.1 Tucson, AZ
Aug 8/15 Tyler Atkinson (5th - Aug)
29.1 Santa Margarita, CA
June 6/29 Ron Longinotti
8 Kenwood, CA
July 7/24 David Nelson
11.5 Westminster, CA
Aug 8/5 Tony Fiori
10.8 Simi Valley, CA

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2021 Top 10 King of the Day Winners

Place Date Name Pounds Hometown
1st 7/19` Jeff Walker 50.2 Cardiff by the Sea, CA
2nd 7/13 Mark Hallam  46 Prospect, KY
3rd 7/21 Connor McShane  44.2 Commerce, MI
4th 7/22 Nick Simons  42 Reno, NV
5th 7/17 Dane Lucas 41.4 Seattle, WA
6th 8/2 Jerzy Poprawa 41.3 Scottsdale, AZ
7th 7/24 Jud Heflin 39.3 Colleyville, TX
8th 7/3 Eric Driggers 38.3 Bainbridge Island, WA
9th 7/1 Kaelan Brennan 37.4 Albuquerque, NM
10th 7/27 Scott Karpinen 37 Granite Bay, CA

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2020 Top 10 King of the Day Winners

Place Date Name Pounds Hometown
1st 7/28  Jerzy Porawa 46.4 Scottsdale, AZ
2nd 8/02  Jason Perkins 45.6 Irvine, CA
3rd 8/06 Larry Shurtliff 45.1 Gunlock, UT
4th 7/24  Mark Burch 42.2 Lincoln, NE
5th 7/18  Bob Britt Sr. 42.1 Vancouver, WA
6th 7/21  John Solis 40.6 Signal Hill, CA
7th 7/27  Bryce Faliskie 39.9 Denver, CO
8th 8/04  John Morgan 39.4 Mazama, WA
9th 7/13  Jim Daniel 39.2 Foothill Ranch, CA
10th 7/24  Brent Mournahan 39.1 Ooltewah, TN

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2019 Top 10 King of the Day Winners

Place Date Name Pounds Hometown
1st 7/31  Ethan Berto 58.2 Ketchikan, AK
2nd 8/16  Sunjit Joshi 48.2 Glen Cove, NY
3rd 7/02  Fred Goll 46.7 Henderson, NV
4th 7/21  Keith Costanzo 46.4 Valencia, CA
5th 7/20  Bill Buckner 45.2 Costa Mesa, CA
6th 6/30  Jackson Risher 43.3 Huntington Beach, CA
7th 7/13  Brian Bothman 42.5 Santa Clara, CA
8th 7/08  Tim Zimmer 42.0 Port Angeles, WA
9th 7/17  John Lazovich 41.0 Reno, NV
10th 7/11  Ryo Ishizuka 40.5 Mercer Island, WA

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Accessible only by air and sea, our record-setting salmon cannery turned legendary sport-fishing resort draws anglers from around the world (65,000 to date), who come to our remote shores in pursuit of wild king and silver salmon, halibut, lingcod, and more than 20 other fish species

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2022 King of Kings Tournament

Go for “King of the Day” or “King of Kings.” Prizes are awarded for the king catch of the day, the week, the month, and the season, and include tournament caps, fishing gear, return trips to Waterfall Resort, and cash prizes.

Follow our leaderboard to see whose going to land the best King of the season. 


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